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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 30, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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[meow] [laughter] i know what you're think, hey, why have they got the camera on lesbian row. >> you're going to take that. craig: listen -- so, a scotsman, an indian and a jew, i think that would work, don't you? >> two scotsman came walking out of a bar? craig: no. >> could happen. [applause] craig: here's the thing -- here's the thing, should i be offended by that? >> no. >> you've got a brain surgeon sitting here. craig: should i? >> absolutely not. craig: do you get offended by indian jokes? >> yes. >> let us hear your indian jokes. craig: not around here. well, we're done --
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>> who's on tomorrow night, craig? craig: oh, who gives a -- tootsy frootsy. oh, it'sly -- -- it's matthew mcconaughey. >> he's great. craig: he is actually good. we've got a full week of guests. look, everybody, remember this, cbs cares. am i right fellows? uh-oh! [cheers and appl,,,,,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. i was told the hill is already inside my house. >> another sliding hillside and another state of emergency. the dangers for homeowners and the dilema for one person for purchasing a red tagged property. it's not a good place to try to survive a tsunami. >> boat owners want answers. what they should have done to protect them from the damaging tsunami. what one bay area family discovered after just a few days of changing their diet all
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in the name of science. good everyoning, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken. and tonight, city leaders say it is time to declare a state of emergency. >> homes are literally holding up the side of a hill that came tumbling down in recent rains. four houses on carson street have been red tagged. four more are threatened. robert lial got a look inside a red tagged home that he has never been allowed to live in. >> i contacted them and i was told the hill is already inside my house. >> this is first time he ventured inside his home. he allowed cbs 5 cameras in for a look at the unbelievable wall of mud. it's the height of the first floor of the house and it ripped the stucco out like tissue paper, buckling the fireplace. the hillside behind his home started sliding late last week. due to torrential rain. >> i think it would be a good idea to declare this local emergency. >> so the chief building
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inspector said that would allow red or yellow tagged homeowners to apply for state emergency aid. the vote was a unanimous yes. but there's a lot the city isn't telling homeowners. >> it is on the association, declared the public nuisance. >> he got his hands on this january 2009 letter from the city of hercules. they knew the hill was unstable. but the fix is up to home ordinary reasons and they had 60 days to fix to fit the hill. >> it never happened. why? the city didn't answer. but the city did blame his next door neighbor for the landslide. >> my understanding is hignored our recommendations and moved forward and then the hill slid. >> what about the homeowner's association? why didn't they stop four families from losing their
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home? in this march 2009 letter, attorneys for the association disagreed with the city inspector and said all the houses on carson street were safe and even if they weren't safe, attorneys said the city allowed development on carson street, so the city is to blame. >> i want my house to be livable. that's all i want. i want them to take that dirt out of my yard and keep my house. very simple. >> well roy says he had this house just two days before it was red tagged. now his wish to stay in this house is highly unlikely, says the city tonight. they say as soon as the ground beneath me starts to dry up, they are likely going to demolish this house and the house next door, saying they are too unstable. speaking of that emergency decloration tonight, it's all contingent upon money. keep in mind the city is desperately financially strapped and so is the state of california. so dana, it is anyone's guess
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when these eight homeowners might be able to apply for emergency funding and if they did, when they'll get that money. >> robert, in the case of this particular home, california disclosure laws when you buy a home are fairly significant on behalf of the homeowner. was this not disclosed any of this? >> you know, dana, i asked that very question and he said that it was not disclosed. i asked if he did a title search on the property. he says when he did the title search, he found there had been a landslide behind the property, but says that he purchased the house, but there was nothing else in any of the documentation that suggested the land itself was in danger. >> robert lyles, thank you. now in santa clara county, some residents there are trapped in a remote neighborhood because of a mud slide may be stuck until thursday. that's when crews hope to reopen one lane of corey road. the only road to dozens of
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people os homes near morgan hill. the steep section gave way on sunday, bringing down trees and utility poles. and the only way out is with a four wheel drive vehicle. tonight, santa cruz county supervisors approved a resolution to ask the governor to declare a state of emergency there. there was flash flooding on thursday and saturday. the town of capatola is expected to seek aid separately to pay for the $10 million in damage. nearly three weeks after a tsunami hit santa cruz, the harbor is showing signs of severe damage and tonight, boat owners met with port officials. mark says that many question whether enough is being done to prevent another disaster. >> the damage estimates from the tsunami waves that washed through santa cruz harbor are going up. authorities say 14 boats sunk here and damage estimates have
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reached $29 million. the port director says there's also plenty of hidden damage that is being assessed. >> there's damage to the structural components underneath the dock and some of those are, you know, metal plates that are used to screw together the pieces. some are missing flotation underneath. >> tonight, more than 100 people turned out at a community meeting. but there are also many pointed questions, the dean wanted to know why port officials were told not to sail out of the harbor as the waves were approaching. >> i think there would be less problems with the harbor and more of it would survive. >> dennis urged authorities to accept a similar tsunami could occur in the future. >> this harbor is not a great place to have -- to try and survive a tsunami. there are things that i think the harbor really needs to look at in terms of tsunami proofing
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the harbor. >> at the harbor today, the damage from the tsunami is plainly visible. entire docks are miss along with 77 slips, which means the harbor has more boats than docking areas. but steve is keeping all the inconvenience in perspective. >> something so far away affects us so intimately and it makes you feel so sorry for the people in japan. >> how to pay for all this obviously a major concern. harbor officials working with the state to apply to get some federal help through fema. in santa cruz, i'm mark, cbs 5. it looks like california voters will not be going to the polls in june for a special election. that's because the governor put a halt to budget negotiations today. governor jerry brown said he called off talks because there is no republican support for special election on taxes. the governor said every gop member he spoke with believes that voters, quote, should not
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have this right to vote. unless brown agrees to a list of collateral demands. state leaders are trying to close a deficit. in the barry bonds perjury trial, forme a's slugger, jason told the court he got undetectable steroids from bond's former weight trainer. giombi, one of seven ballplayers to testify today. two others, including jeremy and long time out fielder, they received band drugs from anderson. he is his former weight trainer. she in jail for refusing to testify against bonds. authorities shot and killed a mountain lion that has been roaming through a neighborhood. people first spotted the animal around 8:15 this morning. elizabeth cook was back in that neighborhood tonight. >> andy johnson takes his family to this redwood city
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park every evening. little did he know, the drama that unfolded a few blocks away from where his children love to play. >> i just found out about it and it freaks me out. >> earlier that morning, the california department of fish and game shot and killed a mountain lion that was spotted in the backyard on a home on wipple avenue. authorities said they thought about tranquilizing the animal, but chose deadly force because they felt it was acting aggressively. >> where is it going to go? no matter which direction it would go, it would into a neighborhood. >> the measures were necessary when it comes to protecting the neighborhood and his children. >> if there is a way to capture it and rerelease it in its natural habitat, that would be preferable. but if there's a threat to people, then certainly it's understandable. > james webber received an e- mail from his son's school
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saying they were preparing to go on lockdown if the mountain lion became dangerous. a daycare and a school are just blocks away from where the lion was spotted. we posted the story on our website, shortly after the news broke that the mountain lion had been killed. many of you immediately replied. dozens were outraged the animal was killed, calling the department of fish and game's sickening, tragic, and stay tuned. estella agreed. >> we should be protecting our animals, not killing them. >> in redwood city, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. oakland's police chief says 50 officers are now jut fitted with lapel cameras. officers will record every search, stop, and pursuit. the chief says it is part of department's commitment to transparency. all of the 350 field officers should have the cameras by the
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summer. and dog walkers on san jose city trails are now required to keep pets on a tighter leash. tonight, the city council approved an ordinance limiting leash length to 6 feet. the new rule is in reaction to a 2009 incident in which a woman died from injuries after getting caught in the leash that a mountain biker was using to run his two dogs alongside him. the leash only applies to trails and not open spaces. coming up, thousands of women taking wal-mart to court. workers who say their careers suffered and why some say it's not a fair legal fight. >> a bay area family takes place in a food experiment. the amazing thing that happened after just a few days. to cap e ordeal on ta and buried alive in several feet of snow. how one northern california snow board managed to capture that entire ordeal on tape. yes, and all that snow, now all that sunshine in your
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forecast. two days of near or record warmth expected. now the day that will be the now the day that will be the warmest and the price we'll ,,,, [ sternly ] come on vincent, turn on your webcam. that's okay. please, vincent. i just don't feel like meeting in video today.
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turn it on. today's not a video kind of day... [ impatiently ] vincent willem van gogh! [ reluctantly ] ...fine. [ embarrassed ] ...trying to own hair... silly. ♪ in the bay area 10 years ago is
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now before the supreme court. a sex dediscrimination lawsuit that began in the bay area ten years ago is now before the u.s. supreme court. high court heard arguments today on a class action lawsuit on behalf of nearly a million female wal-mart employees. betty dukes of pittsburgh is
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the plaintiff. she says wal-mart supervisors passed her over for promotions. the class action lawsuit was the best way to have an impact. >> wal-mart is an 800 pound gorilla in the room. >> wal-mart denies dediscrimination. company's attorney says the suit is too big and too fractured and they urge the court to throw it out. new study released two hours ago suggest how your food is prepared and packages may expose you and your loved ones to a controversial chemical. dr. kim shows us how one bay area family got involved. >> yes, you start cutting. >> last year, the family changed how they ate. all in the name of science. >> i found this research project on craigslist. >> it was really to bring in a
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different way of cooking food. >> we stopped using plastic bottles. >> it was about bpa and if it was in our body. >> bpa is an industrial chemical found in can and plastic packaged foods. along with four other bay area families agreed to have researchers measure the chemical in their body. >> they found our levels of bpa were higher than the national average. which was shocking. >> the families were then put on a special diet. the researcher is with the breast cancer fund. >> we brought them three days worth of freshly prepared foods that we were careful to store in glass containers and to avoid contact with packaging and food preparation items likely to contain those comb dales. >> after three days, they were tested again. >> what we found was a pretty
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dramatic drop. >> a 60% drop in the levels of bpa and a 50% decrease in another chemical, which is found in plastic food packaging. it changed the way they buy food. >> we also stopped using water bottles completely and have gone to the stainless steel. >> the findings are no cause for concern. the exposures to these chemicals are minute and the substances don't stay in the body. the group says consumers should feel confident in eating canned or packaged foods. as for the lorlands, they would rather be safe than sorry. >> it's better to use glass containers or metal containers to eat your food. >> cbs 5 health watch. >> a snow boarder shows us his terrifying crash and dramatic
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rescue that he video taped. james was wearing a helmet cam while boarding last week. when he fell head first into a tree well. that's a pocket of snow at the bottom of a tree. it took him nearly a half hour to reach a cell phone and his wife just happened to call him at that exact moment. ski parole found him in about 30 minutes after that call. amazingly, he was not hurt. he hopes his experience can encourage others to ride safely. >> plenty of snow out there. they have avalanche control going on. and sunshine. >> a will the of that snow is going to begin to melt, because we have record warm temperatures heading this way. tonight, very mild. in the 40s and low 50s. thin high clouds overhead and that's how we will kick start your wednesday with a few high, thin clouds. otherwise becoming mostly sunny. at the door into the 40s and 50s. we have this area of low pressure and a few of the
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clouds drifted. even if you under cut that ridge, we lose that as a dirty ridge of high pressure. otherwise, as this area of low pressure strengthens, it's going to contribute to near or record high temperatures for your wednesday. jump up a good 10 degrees in many of our inland locations. going for a record in santa rosa. ann tay cruz. the old record was in 1900. trying to shatter that mark of 111 year record. san jose, take a good shot at it at 78 degrees when that record is 83. but meanwhile with that record warmth comes the pollen report. we're going to have those northerly winds. the old birch trees contributing to my sneezing and wheezing. 83 degrees in santa rosa and in napa. consider in the salt, it gets
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warmer for your thursday. we will have some of the warmest temperatures. the outside number would cool down quickly on saturday with a chance of rain returning to the north bay with breeze si conditions. partial cleaning on the rat ,,,,
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if you have ever been in an older home, you look up, surely you noticed it. what was the purpose of those popcorn ceilings that they put in homes in the 1960s? that's tonight's good question. they call it popcorn, cottage cheese, or acoustic ceiling and it was the highlight of modern track home design in the 1960s. >> many times they would shoot this over, even older homes that had a lot of cracks in the plastic, back in the plaster days. >> contractors love this stuff back in the day because it was cheap and easy to apply. >> especially in the track combs, you wouldn't have to spend as much time taping, topping, skin coating it. they could easily just spray the acoustic up and again they
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wouldn't have to paint it and the ceilings were done. >> it was called acoustic because it offered some sound insulations" as well. by the 1980s, people began to get rid of it after tests show some of it contained aspestice. >> locally in the bay area, for $30 or $40, you can take off a little bit. >> he doesn't run across a lot of demand for popcorn ceilings, it's an acquired taste. >> we have yet to redo any acoustics. typically, we'll p taking it down. down. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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scottsdale..the bad news? he'll season on the disab good news, giants closer felted great after a bullpen session in scottsdale today. he will start with a strained oblique. the giants released jeff supoft. barry zito sporting his new mustache. got cocoa a nice curve ball. 6th inning, landing past, it will tie the gym at one. giants up, nate launches one to center just to the left of a 388 sign. his second of the spring and the giants take game two 4-1 is the final. we have a bizarre finish in regulation and it gave the
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warriors hope in oklahoma city. kevin durant had a game high 39. 13 seconds left. reggie williams hit from three. they are down from three points, watch what happened. >> you need a 3. corner 3, good. >> we go to overtime. final seconds, they are down by one. montae for the win. oh no. heartbreak hotel. 115-114 is the final. >> lebron james, number six. >> lebron refused to show up for his sprue duction. it was a bad night with all the page baggage between the heat and the cavs. remember baron davis? she wins. despite the triple-double, the cavs stunned the heat. how do you like it? baylor had 20 pointeds for baylor, but texas a and m won
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the track meet. game high 22. it is the first ever final four. taking on stanford. duke and yukon scored her 3,000th career points tonight, including the buzzer beeter in the first half. the huskies continue to their final four. fighting at a prez conference? shocking. bernard hopkins got it on. io cuesed of using performance enhancing drugs. gion with two defendanters. the food work, incredible. he's the hero. the couple got married outdoors at busch stadium in st. louis. hope they have free beer. number two, ole lex rodriguez. what is he? he's 27.
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yankees kin. better than that, pablo, 40- pounds less, but look at the play at first base. where is the ball? it is in my glove. i had it the whole time. pablo loses 40e pounds and really looks better than ever. and that was one of the big question marks. >> ,,,,,,
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